Dental Implants

I am so glad you asked!  Dental implants represent the area of dentistry with the most new technology and the one that provides the greatest variety of solutions for patients.  It also inspires the most questions (and misconceptions).

If you have one missing tooth, or if you have none of your original teeth, implants can return you to full function again, with teeth that are so like your own you will barely know the difference! Patients are often telling me that they think it must be so painful (it’s not), that it must so expensive (it’s worth it), and that they have heard all kinds of things (mostly from the Internet).

In fact, it is not as uncomfortable as MANY other things we do, it is nearly the same cost to replace a tooth as a porcelain bridge, and the success rate and longevity of implants is greater than any other treatment available.

Furthermore, since Dr. McCracken, the implantologist, places the implants in our office, we have the most streamlined implant treatment available! This allows us to give our patients quick, effective consultations with both the implant surgeon and the restoring dentist under the same roof.

Dr. McCracken is a Professor at the UAB School of Dentistry (part time), a nationally recognized speaker on dental implants, a board-certified prosthodontist, and a valued member of our team at Alexander Dentistry. We asked Dr. McCracken to share his views on the greatest benefits of dental implants. Here’s what he had to say:

  • Implants are a fantastic treatment option for many patients, especially patients missing 1-2 teeth, and those wearing dentures.
  • Implants help protect and preserve the bone structures of the jaw and face, which are important for long-term health
  • Patients can care for implants like normal teeth
  • You can eat and smile with confidence!

In a way, you can think of dental implants as a way to bring normal back.  And, after dealing with these types of dental issues, you can understand the value of restoring normal.

I hope you will consider asking what we can do for you.  I am confident that you will be glad to know what options are available to you for your situation.  And ultimately, you will enjoy having things fixed, in both senses of the word.