General & Family Dentistry

Protecting Your Health

Here at Alexander Dentistry, we have the experience, knowledge, skill, and technology it takes to protect and improve the health of you and your loved ones. Dr. Alexander strives to create a comfortable and relaxing environment for his patients of all ages. It is important to us to provide all of the family dentistry services and technology that will help you and your family feel and look your best.

Preventative Care

We don’t want to just fix the problem–we want to prevent it from ever happening. Tooth decay can cause frustrating side effects like toothaches and bad breath that can eventually worsen into more serious problems. General dentist, Dr. Alexander, and his staff focus on preventative care and oral hygiene, so that they can help patients avoid all of these issues. They provide all of their patients with regular exams and cleanings. Your general dentist can catch decay before it becomes serious, so that the dental work you will need is minimal. Our family dentistry staff will provide you and your family with gentle cleanings that will improve your oral hygiene and prevent your teeth from decaying. Dr. Alexander also provides sealants to his patients, which prevent decay on the biting surface of the teeth.

stock07Simple Extractions

Dr. Alexander also practices simple extractions for teeth that are overcrowded, damaged, or decayed. His gentle touch and caring personality will allow you and your loved ones to relax while he removes problem teeth, so that you can enjoy better oral health throughout your life.

Everything You Need

Beyond preventative care, we offer all of the family dentistry services that you and your loved ones need to feel great. We provide fillings, root canal therapy, and more so that you and your family can be as healthy and as comfortable as possible.

Dr. Alexander and his staff are committed to making your experience with your general dentist comfortable. For fantastic general and family dentistry, call and set up your appointment at Alexander Dentistry today.

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