Dental Care During a Pandemic

If dental care hasn’t been your top priority during the ongoing global pandemic, you aren’t alone. With so much going on over the past year, it’s all too easy for dental health to be sidelined. Fortunately, it’s never too late to take care of your teeth!… Read more

Dangers of Sports Drinks

It is common knowledge that soda and energy drinks can have adverse health effects, but not everyone realizes that the same goes for sports drinks. With as much as 19 grams of sugar in a single 8.5-ounce serving, sports drinks actually contain similar levels of sugars as soda.… Read more

In Remembrance

Dr. Alexander and Dr. Rainwater

It is with great regret that I inform you of the passing of Dr. Lem H. Rainwater. He was 97 years of age and left this world on Saturday, January 24th. We all know that he is in a better place.… Read more

Dental Implants

I am so glad you asked!  Dental implants represent the area of dentistry with the most new technology and the one that provides the greatest variety of solutions for patients.  It also inspires the most questions (and misconceptions).

If you have one missing tooth, or if you have none of your original teeth, implants can return you to full function again, with teeth that are so like your own you will barely know the difference!… Read more

Dentistry Merit Badge


In the fall, I gathered with the 15 members of Troop 320 at my office on a Saturday morning to learn a bit about dentistry.  We spent our time working to fulfil requirements for the dentistry merit badge.

A few weeks before at their Monday night meeting, I presented a dentistry program for the troop that focused on how dental disease occurs and how to prevent it.… Read more

The Gift of Giving Back: Panama 2012

The health clinic at Cienaguita.

Christmas is a time of giving. There are special presents for loved ones, cards for friends, goodies for teachers and classmates. But the best gift of all, I think, is the gift of giving back. Through wonderful service and outreach projects at my family’s church home, we have have had great opportunities to give back, both at the holidays and throughout the year.

Read more

Happy Birthday!

50 years is an amazing accomplishment in any life, whether it be the life of a business, the life of a marriage, or the life of an idea. In this case, we are celebrating the life of Dr. Alexander who is 50 years young today!… Read more

Congratulations, Drawing Winners!

TresWhite Supreme Opalescent Whitening Kits, available at Kevin J. Alexander D.M.D., P.C., in Mountain Brook's Crestline Village

Congratulations to the winners of Dr. Alexander’s September drawing for Opalescence Trèswhite Supreme teeth whitening kits: Sarah, Jane, Alena, Harriet, and Carol! These kits are stronger than supermarket whiteners, and are available at our dental office at 48 Church Street in Crestline Village in Mountain Brook.… Read more