Teeth Whitening

Blue Eyed and BeautifulNow it is easy to get the glittering white smile of your dreams. At Alexander Dentistry, we offer our patients plenty of ways to brighten and whiten teeth more rapidly than ever.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

The Zoom tooth bleaching method is a quick and low-sensitivity way to brighten teeth. Zoom utilizes a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel, which can be activated by a dental UV light.

When you come into our office for Zoom whitening treatment, we will cover your eyes, lips, and gums, so they will be untouched by the hydrogen peroxide. Dr. Alexander will then administer the gel.

Because it is a low-sensitivity method to whiten teeth, most of our patients do not experience discomfort during the process. The complete Zoom in-office tooth bleaching procedure usually takes just three 15-minute sessions. You can see dynamic results after your Zoom treatment is complete!

GLO Science Teeth Whitening

GLO is another great whitening system that delivers amazing results for anyone with sensitive teeth. This system also gives you distinct results quickly. In less than an hour, you can see a real difference in your teeth.

GLO stands for Guided Light Optics technology, which involves an LED mouthpiece. The warmth and light produced by this comfortable, Bluetooth-controlled mouth appliance enhances and advances your whitening experience, allowing us to promise those quick results.

Not only that, but the GLO whitening gel comes in capsules that are guaranteed to keep it fresh, whether you receive the treatment in our office or in the comfort of your own home!

stock14Whitening at Home

Whether you would prefer Zoom or GLO, Dr. Alexander also provides at-home tooth bleaching options. These at-home whitening trays prescribed by your dentist can be used to whiten teeth on your own time.

These trays are as convenient as drugstore tooth bleaching kits but deliver the type of noticeable results you expect from a professional teeth whitening appointment.

Brighter Smiles at Alexander Dentistry

Come in for a consultation with Dr. Alexander. He can help you determine which method will be most convenient and effective for your teeth whitening needs.