Dental Bridges & Crowns

Funny mature man with beautiful smileSometimes tooth decay becomes a little too advanced for fillings to fix. Fortunately, Dr. Alexander provides other solutions, including dental crowns and dental bridges, so that his patients can get their strong, beautiful teeth back.

Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth or teeth that need replacement, dental bridges may be the right answer for you. We form our dental bridges by placing porcelain crowns on natural teeth, and then filling the gap with replacement teeth. The crowns are bonded to natural teeth on either side of the gap to keep the replacement teeth in place, restoring a functional bite.

You will never have to worry about removing dental bridges from your mouth. They always stay in place, the same way natural teeth do. Dental bridges look great and are a long-lasting solution that will create a healthier smile.

Dental Crowns

When your teeth become weak, cracked, or worn down, dental crowns can strengthen and improve them. Dental crowns can also improve the appearance of teeth that are misshapen or discolored. The procedure for the placement of dental crowns is simple:

  • If a crown is deemed the best treatment, the tooth is prepared.
  • You may be given a temporary crown to wear.
  • When your permanent crown is ready, you will return to the office.
  • Dr. Alexander will permanently cement the dental crown into place.
  • With your dental crown, your proper health and strength will be restored.

Dr. Alexander provides porcelain crowns for your tooth restoration. Porcelain crowns are a beautiful white color that will match the rest of your teeth. In addition to being the most natural-looking, porcelain crowns are also particularly durable and strong.

A visit to Dr. Alexander will help you determine if porcelain crowns are best for you.

Strong Solutions for Your Dental Issues

To fortify and restore your teeth with reliable dental bridges and dental crowns, set up an appointment with Dr. Alexander today.