Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Alexander loves to offer his patients worry-free dentistry. For his patients who feel anxiety about sitting in the dentist’s chair, he provides a way to feel completely calm and relaxed throughout their appointment. Dr. Alexander and his staff want their patients to be comfortable while they make their smiles healthier and more beautiful. To accommodate our patients, we offer sedation dentistry methods including oral conscious sedation and Laughing Gas.

Oral Conscious Sedation

If you are nervous about visiting the dentist, Dr. Alexander can provide you with oral sedatives that will help you remain at ease throughout any procedure. After a consultation with him, Dr. Alexander will recommend to you which oral sedative you should taken and when you should take it. Most take their sedative about an hour before their appointment. This method of sedation dentistry works like its name suggests. You will remain conscious throughout your visit, however, you will be completely relaxed, even if you’ve experienced anxiety in the past. With oral conscious sedation, you will not be aware enough to remember the details of your visit, and your appointment will seem like it’s over as soon as it starts.

Summer girl portraitLaughing Gas

Laughing Gas is a gas that is administered through a facial mask. Laughing Gas will affect you in way similar to the way that oral conscious sedation does. This method of sedation dentistry will keep you conscious but will ease your nerves to the point that you will have an experience that is anxiety-free. Time will go quickly and you will feel great throughout your whole visit.

It’s time to finally feel good about improving your health and your smile. Oral conscious sedation or Laughing Gas are both safe and effective options for sedation dentistry that will help your brain and body relax while you are at the office. Set up an appointment with Dr. Alexander today to determine how sedation dentistry can put your mind at ease.

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